Hablemos Del Cancer
Con El Dr. Romero 


The radio program "Hablemos Del Cancer" spanish for "Lets talk about Cancer" is produced by Oncology Broadcasting, LLC. 
Oncology Broadcasting seeks to educate, serve and empower the Hispanic community through media. Our focus is CANCER - we are aware of the lack of information that is available to the Hispanic community as it pertains to this feared disease. Our mission is to be the source of information that can guide the listener to a better health today.

This is a very important message to share with the almost 9 million Hispanics that live in Southern California. We invite your business to partner with us through sponsorship to continue to bring this valuable information to our Hispanic audience.

Through sponsorship we offer both small businesses and corporations advertisement during the live broadcasting of "Hablemos Del Cancer" on W Radio 690 AM.  Web Page advertisement is also available on this site MiOncologo.com.

Reach out to the Hispanic market. 
If this is what your business is looking for, visit our website:

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